Mother’s Day tribute to my Tv moms πŸ’

Mother’s Day tribute to my Tv moms πŸ’

As we get closer to Mother’s Day for me it causes stress and sorrow … I am not alone in this … I decided to this year to give honor to where honor was due…

My mother was unable to do her job for many reasons and I have long forgiven her for never loving me and never attempting to be a mother. She is just unable to be a mom.
I truly have come to the place of acceptance in this.
I still reach out to her and she still rejects me and I am at peace with that because I understand her.
I will continue to send cards and they will continue to be ignored. ( no pity please it’s just my story)

I am thankful for her because she did not abort me and her rejection of me has given me compassion and empathy that others will never have. Our greatest pains are often our biggest platforms πŸ’– it also made me want to be a better mother and also caused me to overdo many things as I reflect back on my life. I pray she finds peace before she takes her last breathe. I did tell her face to face I forgave her in 1997.

So on to my tribute to my mothers…

I have hated this holiday for so many years… The commercials, the cards, the feeling and bonding that is foreign to me. This year I decided as others put mothers on their profile and you begin to honor them with pictures, as I read the honors going out, the grief of the loss of mothers who excelled in this area, I decided to honor the women who I learned from.

Just go with me a minute … If you grew up in my generation you will relate to these women. I spent hours in front of the tv and I looked at each one of these women, they were just actors playing a part but I learned from them.

I created in my mind the kind of mom I wanted to be from my tv role models …

Edith Bunker the dingbat who was patient and long suffering with her family and husband that has huge issues.
She was funny and kind and I think played on her innocence to keep the battles down .

Carol Brady was the ultimate stay at home mom, who dealt with being a step parent pretty well and showed us how to blend a family.

Marion Cunningham ran a tight ship and she was neat and clean, she dealt with crisis and kept a smile on, she was everyone’s mom and got to hang out with the Fonz!

Florence Evans taught me real life living as a low income mom trying to raise her children to rise above her and go to school and do better than her. She loved her neighbors and was a great inspiration to her family.

June Cleaver was the house wife and mother that seemed to just be the calmest, most loving and all around sweetheart. She was just perfect which was hard to live up to.

Lucy was creative, ambitious and tried anything once, she laughed and was happy no matter what one of her adventures took her. She was fun and funny.

Mary Tyler Moore was the nervous wife & mother.

Morticia Addams she kept up her household best she could with the trouble that her unique family got into and seriously what about that husband.

Caroline Ingalls was the mother who sacrificed for her family, was humble, she was not perfect but would work towards changing and she taught her children about Gods will and she would interact with others and was in love with her husband and children.

Olivia Walton she was faithful and caring and a woman who read her bible and had great faith. After her children were older decided to go back to school to learn and do something for herself.

I learned a little bit from each mother that I viewed on my tv.

I often learn from watching others and I understand why now. I did not have anyone teach me and so I watched and learned and tried to put it into action as a mom & wife..

No wonder I ended up staying confused 😁😁😁😁😁😁

That’s my Mother’s Day tribute to all my mothers ❀️

They taught me everything I know !!!
Oh goodness …

Could be worse I could have Peg Bundy or Lois from family guy as my role models…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there ..


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