Falling in Love at the Roller Rink and the Story of Us💗…


💗The Story of Us💗

My eyes well up with tears when I even begin to think about the Grace and Mercy that God has given to Paul and I, we both have been married 3 times each. Two of my three marriages lasted less than a year and one was 18 years. His story is not exactly the same as far as details go but it’s truly just like mine. If you don’t know our little love story that was handwritten by God himself here’s the very short version.
Paul and I grew up in Houston, Texas on the “Northside” which is well known for being the hood. We lived 3 streets apart our whole childhood but I was 1 grade above him, 1 year 3 days older and I ran in a different crowd, I was friends with his older brother David who was a year older than me. We knew of each other and were Facebook friends who never interacted.
Life happens 3 marriages, 3 divorces and we meet approx 26 years later a group of
north-siders get together to have a reunion and we are both there by no doubt divine intervention and there is no doubt in our hearts. August 12, 2011 our lives come face to face with God’s divine plan for our lives. I am with my childhood friends in a place that brought me great joy and peace in my life and I am skating around with my pink camera shooting pictures seeing folks I have not seen in 26 years. I roller skate right up to Paul and scream ” Paul Humplik” and we chit chat I ask if he’s gonna skate he says no and I snap a picture of him with his daughter and skate off. I look up in a little bit he’s on skates, I smile a little smile take a picture and go on.
This was Friday night, then Sunday night I was sitting in my car outside where I was living because the electricity went out and air conditioner was needed. I was in a broken place in my life and just desperate for God to help me. I was very close to God and I was in a place of its me & God and that’s all I needed or trusted in my life.

I grabbed a random flyer that was in my car and wrote a prayer to God asking him to help me to send me a Hero, a Champion someone who would love me for me. I was tired and for 10 months had basically been 100 percent dependent on God to provide for me.
So I write this note pray, cry and the lights come on and I go in and fire up my computer and upload pictures to Facebook and begin tagging and sending them to my Facebook friends who I saw Friday night. I send Paul the ones I took of him and that connected us. We began to text over the next few days and decide to go out to dinner on Thursday August 18, 2011 and the rest is a love story written by God himself. In the weeks to come Team Possible was born and on October 18, 2013 we were United in Marriage in West Monroe, La underneath the October sky at 7 pm, by ministers of the gospel who we had gotten to know as we attended White Ferry Road Church.
Two unlikely people who knew all the same people, understood where we came from, felt the rejection from those who were placed by God to love you, the sting of being misunderstood and failure in marriages but a Hope that one day we could let our guard down and let our hearts find the Love we were meant to have. Was it love at first site? No I don’t think that but I know there was a connection at first sight and by all accounts we should not be the two that would work. We had two very different lives before that night in August but yet there were the same. We have been a easy kinda thing, we don’t fight and we don’t fuss. The funny thing is who we were before us left when we met each other, or just maybe we were right where we were suppose to be. We are not proud to say this is our fourth marriage but I can say that this is a marriage designed by God and it’s in order as it should be. We love our roles as God set them in place and a little old fashioned I guess. I respect Paul and he honors me, because God is number one in our lives and then each other and everyone else is after that. How can you say that Doris? Our children are older and gone so that parent roll is not over but they have began their own happily ever afters as they so choose and that leaves us. Our lives together our new start and how awesome for us to be just like young Newlyweds who are on a journey together to find Gods plan for us but we are in older and tired bodies. The excitement we would have in our twenties we have now. The past is the past the pains are gone and we have moved on and when I look at Paul in his big blue eyes I only know the Love we have and I have forgotten anyone who was ever in my life before. He’s the same and everyday we live it like its our last because at 45 & 46 the end is just around the corner.
Happily ever after can come but you can’t make it come to you by your own doing.
You have to put God as your first and he will add the second to it. It works so much better if you Allow him to bring to you the one who your heart will really love and not someone who will fill the bed next to you. If your married and wishing this was something you could have in your life then roll over and look at the one you made the bond, contract or signed the marriage license with and work on that one. Trust me & Paul know well the pain of divorce and just because it happened for us this way does not mean ending your marriage that God will then give you your hero or champion, because it does not work that way. Our marriage is to give Hope to those who are alone and wanting what we have. Hope that one day in-spite of all that you have been through that God can bring you the one your heart can love if and only if you Cry out to Him and put Him first❤️. God is a loving God and He does not want us to be alone.
He wants to bring you Hope and a best friend, so together you can show the world that God is a merciful, forgiving and Loving God ….

Place your Hope in God and it will not be wasted….

That’s part of our story and we are sticking to it…

Paul & Doris Humplik
Team Possible
Living & Living our Gypsy life ❤️



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