Kirk Cameron Saved Our Christmas πŸŒ²


Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas just might have saved ours.

We are nearing our 4th Christmas together and my 6th Christmas without being in a home as a family unit with my children. About the same time frame for Paul.

We have half hearted walked into every Christmas season together. We have done the bare minimum to get through a season. He and I do not exchange gifts and on Christmas Day we just walk emotionless through whatever needs to be done.
If you were to ask us about Christmas before we were together, our eyes will light up with stories of our Children and things we would do to decorate, celebrate and give during the holiday season. Then there were divorces, distance and strains of life that happened in relationships and our Christmas spirit left. We never celebrate the day that separately we loved so much. Both of us coming from broken homes we tried with our children to recreate the day that we longed for as kids.
Then due to divorces it was all lost.

Then God divinely brings us together and we just don’t have the Christmas spirit, oh we have tried but not with our whole heart like before we became a couple. (Team Possible)

Then we go and watch Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas and it might have saved our future Christmas holidays. This movie brought me to tears and only because I had lost the desire to do my thing that I so loved and I resisted getting into the spirit, simply because I have no children in my home, Paul and I just don’t seem to fit anywhere. No mom & dad to go visit, no children to see because they are away from home through miles or in their hearts.
So we chose somehow without ever saying it to each other, have not given our whole heart in the season. We are the outsiders, the misfits and the couple who after starting life new just have no people to join with. No pity for us it’s just Me stating the facts because it’s the way it is for to many reasons to explain and we have each other and our great relationship and we have God as our foundation. – back to my lil Story…. This movie left us sitting in the theatre talking about what we had just learned and how we had not celebrated and started our own traditions alone. We need to put ourselves back into the Christmas Story that we want to write so we don’t remain that Guy in this story.

Today we actually decided we will for the first time decorate fully and celebrate this year with our whole heart. Santa is welcome to come hang out with the Humplik’s and with Christ because he’s the reason we celebrate this season. We actually celebrate all year long but after watching this movie and the insight on the meaning of swaddling clothes, the tree, ornaments, St. Nick, presents and the reminder of whole reason for Christmas we decided to get our pens out and write our New Team Possible Christmas Story!



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