Monthly Archives: February 2016

Writing, Wandering and God’s Waiting 


Sometimes I just get excited when out of the blue things start unfolding and there is no possible way to explain the coincidence of things. 
Sunday I got out a plastic container full of writings and binders and have them at the edge of my bed. I was sorting through some yesterday. 
Flash forward to this morning feeling restless and after getting my bible out, a journal and pen; I knew that it was time to get to, what I need to get to and that’s time with God. 


Sometimes I think without realizing it I wander off, maybe we all wander from time to time but I think just like a parent would call a child, God calls our name. 

 That’s when we turn around and see that there’s a little distance between us and that’s when we have a choice. 

We can keep walking or we can turn around and walk back to Him and it will be like we never wandered at all. 
This morning I turned around and walked back because I wandered to far away. 
That’s my story this morning, now back to the coincidence. 

I get out my bible and journal was lead to the Habakkuk 2:1-2 

Stand my watch and listen for what he will say to me and write it down! Pretty simple but I have to stop wandering and listen! 
So then here’s the thing that always amazes me about things with God and Me. 

Supernaturally he lines up things for this simple girl. 

That plastic container at the end of my bed holds years of writers conference notes, awards, commitments, plans and dreams. 

I grabbed a plastic sleeve with two papers together and realized that they were all signed in February! I must tell you that I am slower than most and it seems my new year begins in the second month of the year! 

The dates and years are long ago and in fact they were signed with a different last name but the same person; someone who wants to please God and who wants to be committed to the purpose he has for her. 
As I sit here writing this I feel Gods presence and the loving way He says ” I am here”. 
Wandering off is normal but it’s the decision you make after you realize that you wondered. 

Do you continue forward on your own way or do you stop, turn around and get back on the path God has planned and let him guide you? 

For me I can’t go on my own wandering way, because I get lost and since I am ADD I will end up

In a faraway land and it will not be a good thing and I make a mess of my life. 

So I turn around and get back on the path with humility and repentance because I am wanderer and it seems I got off the path He has for me. I wish I could say that I have it all together but that’s never gonna happen because then I would think I could make my own way and I know without a doubt with out Christ I can do nothing. 
Not all who Wander are Lost if they don’t Wander to far off from our creator!

I am getting back to what I was meant to do … 

Tell stories and share them with you … 
Have you wandered off without realizing it like I did? 

Have you felt a distance from Him and wondered who walked away? 

Are you restless and needing direction like me? 
Turn around He’s right where you left him waiting for you to come back. I am getting my converse on and heading back now, join me won’t you. 
He is crazy in love with us and can’t wait to set up back on the right path and that gives me Hope that no matter where I roam that He is still standing and waiting for me to come back home and he’s waiting for you too. 
Let’s go ….