What I am Thankful for !!!


I am Thankful to God for:

Second, third & fourth chances…
Unconditional love
Undeserved Mercy
Grace that abounds
The justice I never received
Those who hate me
Those who love me
My past
My present
My future
The stones that were thrown at me
The stones that were blocked
When I am lost
My GPS – on my phone
My GPS- the word of God
Losing things I love
Gaining more by losing

The greatest thing is Hope … Thankful in the Hope he placed in my heart… Hope that one day things would be different… Hope that if I believe in God that one day all the pain would be wiped away and the purpose would be clear…
I would see Hope placed in the right things produce more Hope… Hope will never be wasted if Hope is placed in the giver of Hope!!!!

Hope …. I am thankful for Hope…

My Hope was placed in Christ …
My Hope lead me to Paul…
The Hope I showed Paul lead him to find Hope in Christ…
Our Hope found a lost little girl who now found Hope again…
Hope is contagious …
Hope died on the cross and rose again …
Hope is alive …

Hope is not Wasted!!!



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