Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? My Facebook Question & response !


Why Does God allow Bad things to happen to Good People ?

Today I made a new friend by divine appointment and it was a random friend request and a private message thanking me and it went from a Hello to no doubt one of those rare moments you realize God has a plan for this new friendship.
Without details a hour or more of back and forth deep painful messages for my new friend who is wrestling with an overwhelming amount of grief… My new friend is angry with God and questioning why things are happening that are so tragic and why is God taking family from them and in sudden deaths happening. This person asked very good questions and my reply was can I please pray and think my responses through and see what God might speak to me tonight at church and let me ask God to help me give a simple response to some questions that I myself have asked in my painful times in my life.

Here is my response to my friend or to anyone else who might have questions to why bad things happen to good people or why people are taken from our lives suddenly?

Why did I not have one chance to say goodbye or even say hello!

Dear Brokenhearted One,

Life is hard, it’s painful, it’s tragic at times and you may feel like giving up right now because you feel like God is just out to get you or you feel like He surely hates you because people that you love tragically are stolen from your life. You are hurting so bad right now and your angry with God, and you have lost your faith, your Hope is gone and despair is the pit you are falling in right now.
If someone does not throw you a rope you will surely die in the pit of despair.

Oh friend … I know this pit well I fell in myself and never thought I would get out! It was dark, cold and very lonely. The only way I found out, was having a little bit of faith as small as a mustard seed. That faith was what shined the tiniest bit of Hope down into the pit of despair.

You asked was God out to get you ? My response is Yes he is out to get you! He wants you to trust Him with everything, the good and the bad. The joyful times and the tragic moments that come, the injustice, the anger you feel and the pain of rejection and abuse.
You have endured some great injustice, some unfair losses have happened to you.
That’s not God doing those bad things to you and He is not the Author of confusion and evil.
God is a good and Loving God who wants only good for you.

John 16:33 says You will have suffering in this world, but be courageous I have conquered the world.

God does not cause Evil and bad things there is another who is the author of that stuff.
Why does God not stop it? You asked me that my friend. The answer is free will and it goes back to the garden of Eden and all through the bible, it tells us that those not surrendered to God make wrong choices.
People who drink and drive kill innocent people, children are molested and raped by adults who chose to be evil, people cheat, lie, steal and turn angry and murder. Not one of those things are from God but often the free will choices of others hurt the innocent and it then hurts the family and people who love those who are victims… We all fall short but without Christ we will make choices that hurt others…

My friend the scripture that I know gets me through my life is Romans 8:28 and it says “ and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.

God does not cause bad things to happen but if you will commit to following Him, He will bring good from the bad.

That is the only thing that helped pull me from the pit! My Hope that Good would come from the bad…

So I placed my Hope in God and he says that Hope is not Wasted if put into Jesus!!!
Christ is the Hope that will give you the right answers to all your questions…

I do not know the why to your questions but I know the one who can give you the right response to your heart… He has done it for me !!!!

Justice will come one day for all the evil that has taken place and God will render that …
It’s just not right now.

My friend I hope this helps 🙏.

Just Trust God and be angry but not at Him!!! He is not the one who produced the evil.
Give God your lil faith and watch the healing come….

Your friend who has the same questions ….

Doris Humplik


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