Word up on da Street is….


Growing up on Sesame Street; well not on “Sesame street” literally I actually grew up on (Bertrand) in Houston and there were no Bert or Ernie’s wait there was an Ernie but his last name was of Mexican decent and he was not Orange…
We did have cool nick names for people but…

Anyway back to what I was saying …

I was thinking and praying this morning and this came to mind ….

Four letter Words of the day !

Don’t Ya love 4 letter words? I do !!!
So today our four letter words are:


For me I waste time everyday, it takes me a long time to do nothing.

Pray I need to do more of that for others, I should be about my fathers business and take my eyes off of me and pray for you.

Hope well that goes without saying to you who know me!!! Hopes in my blood, it’s who I am…

So today take the Time to Pray for others and help them find Hope !

Woe that’s good stuff right there….

Time… Pray … Hope…

Those are words to think on today …

Here on Hope Not Wasted Street …



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