She’s Hope Not Wasted ! 

She’s Hope Not Wasted ! 

It’s been a long time since I updated… 

It’s time to share my Hope … 
Hope is more than a wish… 

Hope is more than a possibility…

Hope was planted into my heart in 2007 and has continued to grow and bloomed into a eclectic Hope bouquet. 
I was struggling for a couple of years with a depression that would overtake my life and ultimately leave me in a pit of despair that I could not pull out of. 
Therapy & medication could not touch the darkness I saw and the numb feeling. My children in high-school and a marriage that was falling apart, and I was hopeless and felt lost and very alone. Every night I would sit on my couch or mostly lie in my bed, surrounded by 3 chihuahuas because they were all I felt cared about me anymore. 

When depression and despair partner up and push you down into a pit that no one can help you out of… You want out and wish someone would throw the ladder down to you, because when you try to climb out but there is no steps up, when despair hits there’s no way up without Hope!

That began my journey of Losing and finding Hope… 
2005-2010 were the years I spent in the pit of despair and not until the Hope-giver threw me a ladder to climb up out of my pit and allow Him to begin to direct my path and hand me my own personal weapon to fight my way out of the darkness. 
He gave me the Weapon of Hope💗. 

Hope was what kept me alive… 
I lost it all and ended up alone, no money, no place to stay, no money, but the Hope-Giver made a way for me and provided for my needs, not my wants and during 2010-2011 I learned how real Hope is and that it’s never wasted. 
Hope Not Wasted is my story and it’s time to share it…
She has Hope and it’s not wasted…
Hope is the anchor for my Soul… Hebrews 6:19 ⚓️ 
Doris Lynn Humplik 
Hopenotwasted 💖


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