What is Virtue?

Here’s what virtue is to me…

Living a moral life and having character and integrity. It’s being who you are with everyone you meet and not putting on different masks. It’s being who you are when no one is watching.
It takes practice it’s a habit and it’s choosing to do good when you want to do evil.
Virtue comes from our soul it’s the deep parts of who we really are. We can learn to be virtuous … We can train ourselves to be pure, kind, positive and encouraging. What ever virtue we need to gain strength in or where we need the most help, we just practice it until it’s a part of us.
It’s exercising and oh this girl does not like to exercise…yet if I want to have a better body I had to make changes …
More important to me is the inside of me… I always work towards being a better person and that’s easier…
Unfortunately for me sitting and writing all day is not going to help me build strength in my legs…
So what ever you need to gain strength in exercise that … That is growing you in to the virtuous woman of God you desire to be…
As for me I have weak legs and a strong virtuous heart and life… I am not there yet but everyday as we go through this study I hope to grow into that P-31 woman I have dreamed of for 20 years… My life is different than all my P-31 sisters because we are in different places but together I think we will get to where we need to be…
Putting away the need to be perfect and just be the perfect wives our husbands need!

Virtue is who we really are !!!!

Proverbs 31:10-31 is the reference for P-31 Woman

Becoming a Virtuous Woman


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