Prisoners of Hope


Prisoners of Hope
Zechariah 9:12
Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope. Even today I declare That I will restore double to you.

Prisoners of Hope is a line that jumped off the page at me. I thought to myself what does this actually mean? I wonder if we Hope for something for a long time that we become a prisoner to it.
Maybe the hope of something happening is what keeps us going.
When we stop hoping for something then we fall.
What if hope rules our lives in away that all we see is hope.
Hope becomes our life.
Hope becomes our attitude.
Hope keeps us going in a situation that is hard to deal with.
Hope says it will get better.
Hope the relationship can be restored.
Hope that forgiveness will find me.
Hope that I can forgive that person one day.
Hope that when bad things happen it will work out for good.
Hope that my grief will end.
Hope that shame will leave.
Hope that redemption will come.
Hope that I can find faith.
Hope that I can Love again.
Hope that my illness will leave
Hope for healing.
Hope for a new heart & mind
Hope for a new tomorrow.
Hope this pain will end…

Hope that_____________

Never lose hope ….

Have a attitude of Hope ….
Make Hope your Stronghold ..


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