Girl I ain’t judging you or maybe I am!!!!


What does Judgement really mean?
Can I judge others?
How can I not Judge?
Judgement is to have a opinion of someone or something.
So why is having an opinion wrong and how do I not have one.
My other challenge is to not live a life of a hypocrite and be a real true Christ follower. I am not perfect and struggle just like everyone else with many things in my life but how on earth do I do this?
So I researched and asked God to show me the truth about judging others and what I should do to live this life he has given me. I don’t want to be a legalistic Pharisee nor do I want to be a carnal Christian.
Matthew 5:20 through 7:6, Jesus warns his disciples against following the traditions and practices of the Pharisees, who judged others as if they themselves were beyond judgment. What’s more, they judged people by the letter of the laws, not the spirit, of the law.
I am thinking that just maybe Jesus was saying , “Do not judge at all if you judge others the way the Pharisees do. If you do judge people this way, you will be judged with the same severity.” My thinking is Jesus gave a example with a visual in his words. (Matt. 7:3-5). We all have beams in our eyes, so to speak; to judge people for the little motes stuck in their eyes while we have big beams in our own is devilish arrogance as well as folly.
I feel he was saying or is saying to me, you have some sin and some things you need to work on, so when your looking at the sin they have you better move aside and know you have huge things you need to work on so don’t judge with the attitude that you are all together righteous. I do think that we can as believers place some judgement on each other to an extent.
Paul says to us in I Corinthians 5:12-13 “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”
He is saying judge sinful believers & leave people outside the church to God.
We should go to our brothers and sisters who have fallen into sin and try to reconcile them with the truth of the word of God. Why on earth would I not speak truth to someone I love that has fallen into a sin they can repent and move out of it.
I have had huge things in my own life that needed a sister in Christ to tell me “girl you are just wrong” sometimes we think that our issues are no big deal but they are.
Accountability to each other is needed to make it through this life. God is not calling us as Christians to be perfect but to attempt to remove issues from our lives that hold us back.
I myself as a Christian woman lived with my husband before marriage. I hated it and it held me down from being the Christian that I needed to be. I knew it was wrong, I struggled every single day, poor Paul was not in the same mindset and God had things to do in us during that time and I learned Gods Grace during that and his mercy. No excuses it was wrong of me as a Christ follower. We repented and married then I saw everything very clear for me. I was very close to God the whole time and I have peace in knowing He was still there when I sinned but…. The blessings could be so much more once we repented. We married and one week later Paul surrendered to baptism and we have walked without Guilt or condemnation.
When we lived together I never tried to preach to others or lead them because I knew I would be a hypocrite. I never wanted that so I talked about a God but never compelled them to get right and sin no more… Why because I knew they could see I would have been saying one thing and living another. A hypocrite… Ouch …
We all fall short and we will always miss the mark as imperfect humans but as Christians we have a higher responsibility to shoot towards getting rid of our sins…
Live our life right and know others are watching. Don’t say do as I say but live our lives as do as I do, as I run towards Jesus and try to be more like him.
Don’t judge those who are not Christians because they don’t know what we know, but we must lead our fellow Christians towards the truth and if they are sinning and if you have a relationship with them, then speak the truth in love and help them redirect their lives towards being free from the heavy weight of sin.
If we are going to compel others to come to Christ then we need to act more like him, get rid of our hypocritical lifestyle and then lead them.
If you are accepting the sins of others with mercy and holding them from judgement because you love them and don’t want to lose them, then you are placing them before Jesus. Please don’t do that either…
I have a long list of things that I am working on in my life personally and my hope is one day to be more like him!!!
If you have a friend who is a Christian and you are to then reach out and help them to see the sin with Grace and Mercy … Hold them accountable for the way they are living.
Don’t judge the world because God is the judge of them..
Love God…
Love others…
Love yourself …


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