Tearing off my rear-view mirror

Tearing off my rear-view mirror

As a writer I have to look back and use what has happened in my past to create the beautiful picture of Hope that God has given me to share…
Sometimes it’s with words on paper and often it’s with words with others face to face…
Where I struggle in this sharing of my life is the condemnation that often comes from the enemy and the shame of my mistakes.

The truth of my whole story is intertwined in the words that are written in Isaiah 43:18 “But forget all that–it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.
That gives me Hope that no matter what was done to me, no matter what I have done, it will all work together for good and God will use it …

When I revisit my past or others revisit it in my presence to use as an example to another without giving the credit to how far I have really came it often takes time to recover.
That’s why God has given me my story to tell because no one else could really tell it and bring Hope. They can tell it and use it as a example but it will have no power.
That’s what happened when I came home Sunday.
So for days I try to recover from the attack of the enemy in my mind; I try to put together the truth and the lie he whispers in my ears.

My husband drives a car without a rear view mirror and at first I never asked why, but when I did he said “it gets in my way” not to long ago he was driving my car and he could not see something up ahead and I let him know that it was there and he said “that mirror gets in my way”. He said that’s why I took mine off.

The truth is we need mirrors to see our future, our past and our present but I suppose if they get in your way and you can’t see at all you have to remove them.

For me I need the mirror but there are people that I don’t need in my life who get in my way of moving into my future and I have to rip them from my life so that I can see it all without condemnation …

I have to put up boundaries and live my life and share Hope without condemnation coming from others…

I love my past, I love my present and I am looking forward to my future because I know God will work them all out for good…



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