Waiting is the Hardest Part

Waiting is the Hardest Part

I don’t know about you but I really dislike waiting for things. When I was young I couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult. So I married the first time at 16 years old. Someone should have forced me to wait but they didn’t.
When I had my children there were moments I wanted them to grow up past the waking up every two hours stage. I didn’t want to wait for it but it was not in my control so therefore I waited.
There are times when sitting in a waiting room with screaming kids all around me I want to run out because they are not my children.
There are times after shopping and placing things in my basket and I walk towards to checkout line that I look down and look at what I have and decide not to wait.
I was married for almost 18 years and I decided the changes were not going to happen so I stopped waiting and left.
I have given up on things because I was weary in waiting.

When Paul and I got together it was a whirlwind kinda love for us and we moved fast towards each other except for the thing that I wanted the most which was to get married to each other.
He made me wait, I laugh now because I understand the wisdom in waiting for it. He knew me and listened to me very well. He knew that I wanted to just do it and not wait.

He had been married 3 times before all to women who were pregnant and he knew about not waiting and doing things to quickly.
He meets me and I had been married 3 times also but I was not pregnant when I married any of them but I rushed into them all.
Two of those lasted less than a year and one almost 18 years but still I wanted to marry Paul and he knew that God was showing him to make her wait for it so one day she will understand.
I now understand why we waited, I understand waiting a little better.
We both wanted to do it differently than we had before, we wanted a minister and God at the center of this marriage. I was still ready to do it fast; like right now.

God sometimes delays things in our lives because He knows the future and if you believe in Him, then you know that He is in control of our every step but we have to wait on him and trust him to lead and guide us. He has a plan that we don’t really know anything about we just have to have that blind faith.

When Paul asked me to marry him it was in December of 2012 and there was no ring or fan fare just a little Taco Bell sauce package that said “will you marry me”? He grabbed the calendar and said October 24, 2013.
We had no idea that the next March we would begin a traveling journey and we would be traveling into the unknown for the next 7 months.
We lived in many places with his job assignments and one of the places was Arizona and we were very close to Las Vegas and I desperately wanted to drive over 5 hours and get married but Paul insisted we were going to wait. He was not going to get married to me while we were living in a hotel. He wanted a minister and for us to be in a house.

I think God was really speaking to his heart because we got the call to go to West Monroe, Louisiana. We had no idea that God was about make it all worth the wait. He was going to allow us to live in a beautiful home, meet great people, be apart of an awesome church with a bunch of Duck Hunters that are famous for their beards.
We would have a beautiful home to have our wedding and ministers to marry us and surrounded by new friends and even family who crashed the wedding and a friend of mine who drove hours to join me.

I learned that delays are sometimes for the better, that my impatience often has gotten me into making decisions that are not the best that God has for me. Sometimes I need to just “Wait for it” as my husband would say.

What are you waiting for that your tired of waiting for?

I want to encourage you to ask God to help you wait for His best for you. If it’s A job, a relationship, a marriage an ending of a relationship or the healing that you need. Sometimes we have to wait and trust that there is a bigger plan and a reason we must wait.
Maybe just maybe God has something good for you at the end of your waiting. If your waiting for something please don’t get impatient like me and do things to fast or give up on the things you have already committed to when God may be working things out.

Just Wait for it!!!

Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD
Psalms 31:24


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  1. Beautiful Sister, You speak volumes and blessings to my heart each time that GOD tells you write. Keep on the journey that you love so and that GOD designed for you to do. I love you much!!!!


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