Friends that last for the whole book …

Friends that last for the whole book …

Friendships are so important…
It’s often strange when friendships change all of a sudden for no reason… One day your talking and interacting then all of a sudden they just fade away and your left wondering why?
Was it just a surface kinda friendship?
There was a purpose but you may never really know why it was a short lived kinda friendship.

Then there are the friendships that are deep and through the years you have endured hard things and you maybe not see each other but once a year but you pick up the phone and they just know you, Get you and Love you. They can freely speak into your life words that you know are what you need to hear and your hearts are in tune…
They know your history, the present and they see the future with you.

I am grateful for my friends…
I am one lucky girl who has the greatest friends in the world even if we never see each other face to face but our hearts are knit together and bound in the Love for each other…

Sometimes people are just not meant to be in the whole book. They are meant to just be a page or a paragraph and a few are just a sentence.

Tonight I pray for my friends; the ones who have stayed and the ones who disappeared…


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