She’s on Borrowed Time…


Twenty five years ago today I came face to face with the reality that in one moment your life can just end and when I think about the reality of the things I could of missed it humbles me that I would have missed so much. Twenty five birthdays, My son chase would not have been born a year later on 10-30-90 , my daughter Rhea would not have been born three years later 10-19-92. When I think over the twenty five extra years it brings me to tears and reminds me that God had a purpose for my life and every day I have left is just bonus days for me.
What a life I have had in my 25 bonus years…

It was two days short of one month after my 21st birthday and I worked at a health club in Humble, Texas and went on a first date with Neil. We went dancing and then to Taco Bell Right in front of Deer Brook Mall and we ate in the truck and my last memory was putting trash into a bag and next was waking up to people surrounding my bed and they had bowed heads and they were praying.

I don’t know who they are, they are all strangers to me. In fact I didn’t even know anyone who goes to church. God placed it on someone’s heart to call a church in Alvin, Texas and those people surrounded a young 21 year old girl and prayed. I was taken to Ben Taub trauma hospital and with a broken neck and head injury it was not the norm for someone to survive or walk away. Doris Lynn White walked out with her Halo Brace on. I remember thinking this God is out to get me! My life for my first 21 years was at times a living hell. Then here I was damaged; I had never had a stitch, broken bone or major injury physically like this most of my abuses were sexually and emotional and those were norm and I could handle those but this made me angry!
Now my face was ruined, my brain was injured and to many details to share in one post. God had a plan to get me alright ! He wanted my heart and my life and because those strangers came to my bedside and prayed for me I believe I am still here to fulfill his purpose and I had a great extra 25 years. October is a big month in my life 🙏.
My life was spared I gave birth to two of my three children and I married Paul last Oct 18 and he chose October because he knew this was my new beginning month! It’s the month where I get a new start… It’s my New chance at life month!

The story is …. A 18 year old girl driving approx 80 miles per hour 3 x over the limit hit us head on we were going approx 40 because we were just pulling out. I went through windshield and I was the worst injured. I did not have my seat belt on that was before it was made a law.

The short of the very long story which is as important as this little bit …. I am alive because God saved me and gave me a little extra time here on earth. I am grateful every minute, sometimes when I have my very regretful moments in my life, I am reminded of Gods mercy and Grace to me. When I get to feeling sorry for myself I remember the gift of these extra days. I often have fear that I might lose my life before I actually get to do what he has called me to do then I rest in the fact maybe all I was suppose to do is what I have done and that’s enough.

So if I am a lil weird and post a zillion selfies and pictures it’s just me saying this could be my last picture !!! My last memory because I want them. Just incase … I am thankful that God saved me because the reality of it all is I did not invite Jesus into my heart until 1993.
So if the bible is correct then I was headed to hell👹🔥.

I am grateful that I have gotten to know Jesus and intimately know Him.

If you don’t know him, nows your time because we are not promised tomorrow …. He is real … If you don’t believe ask a nurse about the C-1 & C-2 injury to a neck and I broke C-2 in two places.

God placed His Hope in me and it will not be wasted…..

Hope Not Wasted is Doris Lynn Humplik
Hebrews 6:19
John 3:16

He died so I could live!



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