Be Brave because your not alone.


My journey of being brave started the day I was born but my real Brave Started in 2010 that’s when I became a BRAVE GIRL and joined a club of other girls doing brave things….

This journey the last 4 years have been the most painful in my life and sometimes you have to lose it all so you can really learn who you are and become that person…

During that time I learned that although I was often and still remain alone almost 50 percent of my time, that you must learn to be alone with yourself, but while your alone, you speak kindly to yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself and free your heart of anger and resentment. Forgive those who have wronged you even though they have no idea.
Let go of the past and enjoy today…
No looking back and dwelling on yesterday …

Be Brave enough to move forward and block out the negative and put in the the good stuff.
Be Brave even if you feel alone… Your not Brave Alone …. God is right beside you, He goes before you and leads you …. Be brave enough to face hard things and do it without dread…

Go be brave …. Go live this life …

Go rebuild what was torn down…
I am a brave girl and that’s what I am gonna do!!!!

💗 Doris Lynn Humplik

Hope Not Wasted ❤️

No One is Brave Alone- Annie Downs

Check out this book
Let’s all be Brave – Annie Downs



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