Can you hear me now? Are we disconnected ?


Can you hear me now? Did I lose you? Ugh did my call drop?

That’s sometimes what it feels like when one minute your friends are right there and everything is going great and then all of a sudden they are gone from the other end of the line.

Disconnected; they are gone and the other end of the line is silent.
Maybe your driving along on the road of life and you hit a dead spot…
You know there was a dip in the road or maybe you hit a pothole and lost control of the wheel and slid off in a ditch…
That’s my story and it seems I lost my signal and got disconnected and actually a few I just hit the ignore button on my phone and tried to pull my own self up out of the ditch.

The point of this whole little post this morning is that we need each other and we need connections that last throughout the journey of our lives. The ones that if you disconnect with its you get a signal back they pick up with you right where you left off.
They are the folks that no matter how far in the ditch you fall down, they are there to reconnect and restart the conversation again.

5 years ago I disconnected my journey from many people and only connected through face-book, it was a slow disconnect but a disconnect that I needed and maybe we all needed.
My fall into the ditch was one that was no doubt the best thing and the worst that could have happened to me.
I began 2013 with a slow reconnect to my long time friends.
I have always made friends very easy and connections with others comes easy with my personality and life experiences.

For the last three years I have connected with a man who is no doubt the best friend I have ever had in my life, my husband Paul. The deepest, most trusting, authentic, accepting and healing relationship in this earth thar I have had since I was born. ( Jesus & I are closer)
We have a unique friendship and marriage. What we say on a regular basis is all we need is each other, as long as we have God and each other then we are good.
I am thinking that we are protecting ourselves from others when we say that, because truly we were meant to live our lives not on a island of two.

The last three days have been very strange for me, I have been teary eyed and sad.
I spend my days connecting with God, Paul, Facebook, blogs, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube, and a occasional clerk at a store. I have traveled & moved so many times since 2011 that I have not allowed connections to be built, or deep connections with other women.
I am a girl and I need other girls to grow in my life, that’s how we thrive in life.
Friendships are very important and I have basically sucked at it for a few years.

Can you hear me now, is this phone on and Can we Talk?
I went through a very very hard season in my life at 40 years old and I am ready for the next season to be filled with lots of folks surrounding Paul and I.

He and I have not had great relationships before us and we are solid as the Rock we built our relationship on, but we do need to connect to others, even if we lie to ourselves and say we don’t and that we are enough for each other.
God made men to build men up and women to encourage other women.

Last night I cried because I didn’t know what was wrong with me and my darling husband comes over to me trying to say the right words to me. I was tearing up when I said I didn’t like the way I was feeling and I was scared because I did not want to fall into depression again.
Oh a real fear that happens to someone who was once hopeless …
I told him I feel like I am alone to much and it’s taking a toll on me, he said a few things, trying to figure out who I could connect with. I said I got this, it’s me that’s not connecting!

We all need connections, not just Facebook but face to face. We need to reconnect with each other in real life. Find those with the same visions, dreams, loves and desires as you and grow together, learn from each other and encourage each other.
When we know better then we try to do better and I am realizing that I gotta get out of this isolation that I keep myself in …

Can you hear me now? Is this thing on? Did I lose you?

Who needs you? Who can you connect to today?

We need each other and we must connect face to face !

As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17



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