Who are you today ? 


If I have been asked one time I have been ask a kazillion times what do you do? Where do you work? What’s your educational background? Oh the feelings of inadequacy that fill my body! 

The pressure to have a title! I am ________! 

Even just this week as I was buying art supplies the cashier said what are you doing? Trying to explain I just said I am an artist!

 In my head I thought I wish…. I am really a homemaker,decorator,  writer, former criminal justice major, victim volunteer, speaker, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, prayer warrior,gypsy, wild child, wanderer, former PTA Vice President, former missionary, Former speaker, former, this former that….

I am a survivor, overcomer and big time brave girl with huge dreams ! 

What pressure to have to have it all figured out! I am many things and as a creative type girl and a whole lotta ADD mixed with OCD I take along time to do everything. 

Who am I ? That’s a great question and I refuse to give myself a title ! 

I am me! That will just have to be good enough! I am living a life that has peace beyond what I could imagine, I am loved by a man sent to me from God, I carry around a hope that is not wasted and I am figuring it out as I go. I wear my heart on both of my sleeves, I have big dreams, I am fearful to follow them and I am very scared of rejection! 

I have a big heart and never share advice unless asked but because of my personality the fact that  world feels free to give me theirs as if I need instructions on things… often I want to scream “ I am smart Ya know! I wear a layer of defensiveness that was placed upon me at birth and I hate wearing! 

 I have walked many miles in this earth and traveled the world and if given the time and a ear I would tell you of the great things God has brought me through! I have lived a life few could understand and most don’t take the time to listen…. 

Who am I and what do I do? 

This week I am first a child of no one but God, the wife of the worlds greatest man, a mother to three beautiful children, I gained 3 more children when I married Paul. I only see and have relationship with one of those  children &  I have 5 grandchildren who I never see! 

I am a writer, artist, gypsy soul and I love to spend time alone with myself and God! I am a good honest person who finds Hope and beauty in a world filled with anger, despair and at times darkness. I am forgiven, I am a sinner and in God’s eyes I am perfect ! 

Today I will put my artist hat on and create with my creator ! 

Who are you? Maybe today put  your writer hat on and think about who you are ! 

Most days I battle the thoughts of where I fall short but then God reminds me just truly how unique He created me to be and I just accept it and live my life !!!! 

Dear world I am pretty cool … Just ask me…. Hit send Doris hit send ! Don’t edit just post it !  



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